Are you Anxiously seeking connection?

If you're like many of the women I've worked with over the years, you want to feel confident and secure in your relationships instead of nervous and worried. Have you ever wondered why so many women struggle in their love life? In their friendships? With their children? Coworkers? It seems like you're always working harder than your counterparts and there's nothing to show for it except heartbreak, stress, and wasted time!

"The intentional place for women to nurture their confidence in all relationships"


This specially designed membership includes:

  • Monthly group meeting to discuss personal triumphs and barriers in relationships with yourselves and others and how to address them
  • One monthly individual therapeutic coaching call to check in on more private matters for your overall growth
  • My Online Course- The GRACE Method: Move from Anxious in Love to Secure in Your Relationships (Formerly called “Is it Me? How my Daddy Issues may be Jacking up my Relationships”). It teaches you how to address your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well being in your relationships in self-paced modules
  • Recordings of new content and courses as they are released to this exclusive group first
  • Access to experts in different areas to address the needs you mention in group and individual sessions
  • Community with like-minded women who are ready to take more control of their decisions and attract the relationships they want
  • more access to me in between in a group chat community where we can hold each other accountable and support one another between sessions and group meeting

When we get together, we will discuss these topics and more:

  • What giving GRACE to yourself looks like and what it doesn’t
  • How to address physical triggers from toxic relationships
  • What do do when negative self talk creeps up
  • Connecting with your younger self for upgraded ways of thinking and more effective relationships
  • Overcoming perfectionism & people pleasing in relationships
  • Dealing with dating the same people over and over
  • What to do when anxiety and/or depression returns
  • Managing self-doubt, shame, shoulda/coulda/wouldas
  • Daddy Issues & Mommy Issues and its impact on you and all your relationships
  • How to trust others after betrayal (learn how to thrive in community)

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